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Auto Guru has been created by the association of a number of key industry people whom between them have vast knowledge and experience within the automotive industries data sector. This same knowledge and experience has already created some outstanding services and these are operational within a number of leading automotive companies globally, where successful data products and services are driving sectors of these businesses through smart and proven in-depth vehicle definition and data association methodologies.

This vision, knowledge, experience and proven success has been drawn on in the creation of the latest generation of Vehicle Definition and Data Association Services and Applications which Auto Guru now offer, or will be releasing over the coming year.

Auto Guru is here to assist the many different sectors of the automotive industry to achieve goals that will bring considerable efficiencies and improvements, along with the associated financial rewards through the power of data. It has been said numerous times before that “Data is Power” this is so true, as the products we provide to our clients verify.

We hope you find our site informative and maybe provide solutions to issues you or your company may be experiencing, smart, cost effective data association solutions are either already available or possible through Auto Guru.

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Since the creation of the motor vehicle, manufacturers and associated component providers, have come, gone, grown and amalgamated, all contributing to the constant development of vehicles to where we are today.

During this time all of the companies involved have created their own methodologies of how to describe and identify their products and relate them to vehicles, be they components or associated information. This practice has continued over the many years of production and
maintenance of vehicles, creating vast amounts of disparate identification methodologies, even the introduction of information technologies
(IT) that assisted the industry greatly overall, did not bring any major change to component and associated information identification.
In fact the creation and management of the individual identifications, whatever they may be and apply to, have overall remained very
individual and cocooned, so the disparate data that exists within the industry has increased as technologies have advanced.

Hence the concept and introduction of the data association catalyst theory, an all encumbering industry code, which was initiated by the key people that are now back together within Auto Guru, was created to embrace all the different industry sector identification methods and allow association between them.

Since the introduction of this catalyst theory and concept, numerous twists and turns have taken place with the visionary individuals,
however the concept has remained steadfast. Certain global companies have developed the concept through these individuals into reality and are now proven services, within a number of different sectors, although these have been retained in-house to gain market advantage in the majority of cases.

This is where Auto Guru have picked up and are now making the proven methodologies and technologies available, allowing everyone
within the industry to benefit from the numerous advantages and savings that the catalyst concept brings.

Please see our Productsto see just what has been achieved and is now available to the industry to overcome the issues highlighted.

Vehicle Data Association