Vehicle Data

Auto:Guru has developed an all encumbering Service & Repair Quotation Data Tool Kit which is delivered through a managed APi Gateway to end users, this in-depth and accurate quotation tool kit in its initial release version covers up to 250 Components per vehicle for Motor Bikes, Cars and LCV’s.

This service has been developed using leading industry data, from Autodata, ensuring the highest standards are achieved from this intelligence driven product, which minimises if not removes end user input, something that has not been achieved to date and as such exceeds the expectation of the many industry sectors, whom have been seeking such a solution for some considerable time.

This product is the answer to numerous organisations from small privately workshops to large corporates, via its delivery through a user friendly APi Managed Gateway into services such as Garage Workshop Management and Job Loading Systems to B2B Client facing Websites, with multi-level options designed to cater for all depths of end user knowledge.

This unique cost effective service is available through a number of commercial options, which have been created to assist the many prospective users to embed an industry leading solution into almost any environment.

If you are involved in any way in the provision of Vehicle Service & Repair Quotations we should be talking so please don’t hesitate to give us a call on Telephone 0191-460-5116 or complete our Product Enquiry Contact form.