Vehicle Data

The heart and core element of the overall Auto Guru catalyst concept is the in-depth vehicle code, this is the G:code which was designed to cover all vehicle types, i.e. Bikes, Cars, LCV’s & HCV’s within its structure and consists of all the data fields required to identify and describe vehicle to their lowest possible level. This allows association of data at any required partial level, from an exact component part to the complete vehicle, hence the catalyst statement and success of the methodology.

Auto Guru, have associated the G:code directly to all the vehicles on the road in the UK through its DVLA association on an one2one bases, giving instant accurate identification of vehicles through the vehicles registration (VRM) or vehicle identification number (VIN). See VRM Look-up Services.

The G:code identification and description data can be provided at any partial level and in any format, depending on the client’s exact requirements.